Terms of use


Use of the information and services offered on the www.ecarsharing.com and www.skiski.ch websites, as well as on the mobile app is at your sole and exclusive responsibility. In particular, e-covoiturage.ch shall not be liable for any damages occurring during trips.


You agree to use the service in accordance with national and international regulations, and in particular not to use it to display, download, send or transmit any content :

- of a violent nature, or which is potentially disrespectful or harmful to human dignity, the equality of men and women, the protection of children and adolescents, in particular by production, transport or distribution of messages containing violent or pornographic character, or that are otherwise harmful to human dignity.

The user agrees to provide accurate and complete information in the registration and subscription forms and to update it promptly. Moreover, the user agrees to use the site exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes.


You are responsible for security of the login and password that have been assigned to you. You must take the appropriate precautions and security measures to protect your login. In case of loss or theft of your password and/or login, or if you become aware that an unauthorized third party is using your password and your login, you must contact us immediately.


e-covoiturage.ch is the owner of all data appearing on the website and the app (photos, copy, images, etc.). Therefore, you are reminded that any total or partial unauthorized reproduction shall constitute an act of infringement. Moreover, you are prohibited from performing any qualitatively or quantitatively substantial extraction of data from databases put online on the websites www.ecarsharing.com and www.skiski.ch, or from inappropriate use of these databases.


You acknowledge that the Internet presents technical characteristics which make it impossible for e-covoiturage.ch to guarantee absolute continuous service access and response time, or the full security of data transmission.


You are prohibited from reproducing, copying, selling, reselling or using the service or any of its parts or service access rights for any commercial purpose.


You agree to hold e-covoiturage.ch harmless against any action or complaint against it, lodged by a third party as a result of the distribution, transmission or, more generally, the use of the service by you or under control of your log-in and password under terms that are not compliant with these regulations. This guarantee covers any amounts that e-covoiturage.ch may be directed to pay for any reason, including legal fees and declared court fees.


You use the service at your own risk. The service is provided to you as is, and is accessible according to its availability. e-covoiturage.ch does not provide any explicit or implicit guarantees. e-covoiturage.ch does not guarantee that (I) the service will fully meet your expectations, (II) the service will be uninterrupted, appropriate, reliable or free of any errors, (III) the results obtained in using the service are accurate and reliable, (IV) the quality of any products, services, information or any other items bought or obtained using your service will meet your expectations, and (V) the errors in the software used, if any, will be corrected. No advice or information, either oral or in writing, obtained by you from e-covoiturage.ch or while using the service shall create guarantees not explicitly indicated in this agreement. Any material downloaded or obtained in any way using the service is at your own risk. You will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer or any loss of data resulting from the downloading of such material.


You acknowledge that e-covoiturage.ch has the right to terminate the access rights associated with your accounts and your password, fully or partially, or to delete your account or password for any reason, including lack of use, or if e-covoiturage.ch has reason to believe that you have violated the letter or the spirit of these terms of use.

e-covoiturage.ch may also interrupt the service unilaterally and at any time. You acknowledge that any cancellation of your access to the service in application of the terms of this agreement may take place without prior formal notice and you acknowledge and accept that E-COVOITURAGE.CH will have the right to deactivate or cancel your account at any time and with immediate effect and / or to prevent any further access to the service.


You acknowledge and accept that in accordance with the regulations in force, e-covoiturage.ch cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, including lost profit, lost clientele, loss of data or any other loss of intangible assets (even if e-covoiturage.ch has been informed of the potential for such damages), which may occur as a result of (I) the use or impossibility of using the service, (II) the cost of purchase or replacement of goods or services, or from the reception of messages or from transactions entered into using the service, (III) the unauthorized access to the service by any user or changes in your transmission or your database, (IV) a declaration or conduct by a third party regarding the service and (V) any other issues related to the service.


These conditions of use apply to the SMS notification service and to the use of the “SMS express" chat service (with or without prior sign-up) offered by the e-covoiturage.ch association.

These conditions are expressly subject to approval by the user, whoever they may be, of the terms, conditions and warning notices contained in the “terms of use” section of the www.ecarsharing.com website, and are a condition of access to it. They may be changed at any time by the e-covoiturage.ch association.



The user certifies that they are 18 years old or have their parents’ permission to use the service (with or without prior sign-up). In the second case, the parents are responsible for the minor’s use of the service, as well as any contacts resulting from exchanging SMS messages using the SMS express service. The user has full responsibility for sharing their mobile number with other users, with the exclusion of the e-covoiturage.ch association.



The user reserves the right to use the information and services offered in the SMS express section and accepts sole, full responsibility for this. The SMS express service is intended for personal and private use.



The user has sole responsibility for the creation, production, administration and circulation of content passing through the SMS express service. The e-covoiturage.ch association accepts no responsibility for the content of messages exchanged or the status of message recipients. It is the user’s responsibility to take all precautions that may result from exchanging messages by mobile phone with unknown persons. The e-covoiturage.ch association must be notified of any abusive use.

The e-covoiturage.ch association may ban and blacklist a member at any time, should any illicit content appear in a message. The user undertakes to only use access to the SMS express section to send and receive messages and information relating to the subject or to the section concerned by or connected to it.



The user is informed of the cost of SMS messages and given user instructions. The association accepts no responsibility for the following :

      The user has sole responsibility for keeping their account and password confidential, along with any actions that may be performed on their account and/or with their password.

      The user undertakes to inform the association immediately of any unauthorised use of their account and/or password and/or any security breach.

      The user is responsible for any negligence on their behalf when using this SMS service such as may be harmful to the site owner or any third parties.

      The association may not be held responsible for any loss or damages that may arise in the event of any failure to fulfil the obligations set out in this paragraph.



      The association undertakes to refrain from disclosing users’ mobile phone numbers to any third parties. It undertakes to inform the user and provide them with an e-mail address to contact for support in the event of any problems with the mobile services offered, or any malfunctions noted during the use of the aforesaid services that may be harmful to the users concerned.

      The association has no responsibility :