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Carpooling charter

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Download the Carpooling charter and print it for your next trip

pdf_small Charte du covoitureur



This is a proper conduct charter that the driver and the passengers can sign before setting out on a trip together. It is reserved for users of the website and is part of the general user conditions.

Commitment of all carpoolers

All parties have agreed on the itinerary and on the sum to be paid to the driver. All carpoolers commit to:

  • respect meeting times
  • inform all other parties in the event of delay or cancellation before the trip

Driver Commitment

The driver commits to:

  • present, if request by any of the passengers, his/her ID, driving license and vehicle registration
  • drive safely, in accordance with the law
  • guarantee that his/her vehicle is in optimal condition
  • guarantee that the vehicle has liability insurance
  • respect the passengers

Passenger Commitment

The passenger commits to:

  • pay the driver the agreed sum for the trip
  • not compromise the safety of anyone in the vehicle
  • respect the driver and his/her vehicle


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