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  • What is carpooling?
    Carpooling consists in sharing one's car for occasional or regular trips. It is a friendly, affordable and ecological way of travelling in which the driver agrees with the passenger(s) on the cost of the trip. Estimate travel costs per person with our online cost calculator.
  • How to use
    > Website puts passengers and drivers in contact by means of a secure data base. After free registration, any member can contact other users and introduce his / her own trips. Once a contact is established, driver and passenger(s) agree on the travel cost sharing (see our online cost calculator). If they wish, they can sign the carpooling charter before the trip.

    > Mobile phone
    For users who want to have access to their online account without having their laptop on hand, the association has installed a simple and fast mobile phone version.

    > Carpooling-SMS Express Service
    For those who are in a hurry, there exists instant carpooling! With our SMS express service, search and propose trips by simply sending your sms to 959. The advertiser receives an automatic response on his mobile phone as soon as a trip corresponds to his request and can choose to contact the other user.

Registration / user account

  • How to register, and what are the costs?
    The registration is fast and free. Everyone can open an user account. In addition to the name and surname, a valid e-mail address and a username are requested. Your age-group is asked for statistics. Employees of a company or institution with a personalized interface, use the company access code to sign up to the service.
  • I have forgotten / lost my password. How can I get it back?
    In order to automatically generate a new password, click here and enter your e-mail address. You will receive your password by e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail containing your password in the hour following your request, please contact us.

  • I did not receive the confirmation e-mail of my registration/ the password has not been sent.
    A few minutes after your registration, an e-mail is sent to you with the username and the password you have chosen. If you do not receive this e-mail in the following hour, contact us specifying your e-mail address and username.

  • Is it possible to change password?
    You can change your profile information at any time in your user account.

  • How can I delete my user account?
    In your account, click  delete my account. All your personal data will be deleted.

Carpooling adverstisements

  • How to see trips online?
  • You have access to all trips online in the section Find a trip. The trips are listed below the geographic map. You can choose other departures or destinations by entering them in the corresponding fields left of the map.
  • How to search a trip on the website?
    Click on Search a trip. Enter the departure and destination in the corresponding fields or search your trips directly on the map by clicking the departure and arrival point. You can modify the search radius by clicking "Radius" to the right of the map. Once your trip defined, click the "Search" button. The result of your search appears beneath the map. Click a trip to see the details (trip, schedule, preferences). You can contact the advertiser by e-mail (via the trip sheet). Any e-mail exchange is secure.
  • How to submit an online trip?
    Once registered, you can submit your trip by clicking (Suggest a trip). All your registered trips are listed in your account in the section trips. You can modify or delete them at any time.
  • What is the trip sheet?
    The trip sheet contains all the details related to a route and allows a user to get in contact with the advertiser. For security reasons, the trip sheet of a driver contains the car type and the three last numbers of his licence plate allowing the passenger to control data before carpooling.
  • How to contact an advertiser?
    Once registered, you can contact an advertiser by sending him a message via his trip sheet.
  • What is the temporary interruption of a trip?
    You can temporarily deactivate one or more regular trips in case of vacation or for other absences. Simply enter in My account, click "Temporary suspensions" and choose your day(s) off. The suspension information will then appear in your online trip sheets.
  • How long will my trips stay online?
    The time-limited trips automatically disappear from the online list when reaching their expiration date. They however stay registered in your user account. You can modify or delete them at any time. The open-ended trips stay online for a year. After this deadline, you'll receive a message asking you to extend them. If you do not reply to this message, your trip will be automatically cancelled.
  • How to share costs between driver and passenger(s)?
    Before carpooling, driver and passenger(s) agree on an amount to be split up between the number of participants. Calculate how much your trip costs by using our online cost calculator.








    • How will my personal data be used?
      The information you are submitting us remains strictly confidential and will never be transmitted to a third party. However, for security reasons, the car make/type and the three last numbers of the driver's licence plate appear on the trip sheet. This enables participants to check data before sharing their trip. No unwanted post will be sent, unless containing important information about the user account.
    • Is there a trace left of my contacts with other users?
      In the "Messages" section of your account you can find a list of the e-mails exchanged with other users of this website.
    • How should I prepare my carpooling?
      Here are a few tips to help you prepare your trip:
      1. print the trip sheet which contains all the details about your carpooling, as well as the "carpooling charter" that driver and passenger(s) will sign.
      2. print the e-mail exchanges you had with the driver or passenger(s) listed in your user account in the "Messages" section.
      3. before you carpool with a driver, check that the car type and registration plate correspond to the data contained in the trip sheet.
    • How to notify an abusive use of this website?
      Any abusive use of the website must be notified by contacting us in order to take appropriate measures. The association may ban and blacklist a member at any time, should any illicit content appear in a message.
    • What is the responsibility of
      Use of the information and services offered on the website is at your sole and exclusive responsibility. The association shall not be liable for any damages or injury occurring during trips organized via this website. Carpooling is not organized by the association but results exclusively from an arrangement between driver and passenger(s). Also read the Terms of use.


    • How to select a parking as departure or destination?
      You can choose one of the parkings displayed on the map as a departure or destination. In your user account, in the section "My trips" add a new trip. In step 2 of your entry, click the field "enter place", then select the field "P" on the right of the map. All parkings are showed on the map and you can select one with your mouse.

    • How to select trips with a parking as departure or destination?
      You can search trips with a parking as departure or destination. In the section Search a trip, click the "P" tab and select one of the parkings showed on the map. Then click the "Search" button.

    Evaluation of other carpool members

    • How does the evaluation system work?
      Any member can attribute an evaluation mark to another user, as long as both have been in contact via the trip sheet of the one or the other.
    • How to evaluate another user?
      After a first contact with another user, an e-mail is sent to you in your intern message box asking you to evaluate the other user. It is not possible to evaluate a member otherwise than by replying to this e-mail.


    Company access code

    • How can I obtain the access code of my company? delivers a company access code that allows subscribed companies and institutions to identify their users. With this code, the administrator of a company or institution can have access to the user statistics and subscriptions.
      In order to know your code, please contact the carpooling administrator of your company.





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